Saint Laurence's Anglican Church Discovery

We have two services every Sunday.  The first service is at 7.30am which is ably supported by our organist  Tea and cake are served in the hall after this service and all are welcome to meet and share fellowship.

Our second service is at 9.30am during which time the Sunday school is held in the classrooms and hall next to the church.

On Wednesdays there is a service at 9.30am followed with tea and cake.



Rector The Revd. Sarah van der Watt
082 632 0928
Assistant Priest  The Revd. Janet Aereboe  083 654 8066 / 011 674 3071
Parish Secretary  Lorraine Claite  011 672 2788
Wardens Clayton Petersen
073 103 6066 / 011 831 1300
   Paul McCloghrie  082 803  4004
   Cecilia Davids  083 578 0448

In Our Prayers

• Owen ,Tanya, Alec, Jenny, Jonathan, Jody Howell, Terry Henning, Margaret Fleming, Geraldine Morgan, Reagan Sharp, Gilbert Lawrence, Anthea Michael, Veronica Grimshaw, Valerie  Carter, Marion Henry, Tony Sharp, Milly Khan, Lucille Mitchell, Vivien Van Zyl, Cindy McCloghrie, Robbie Armstrong, Ronny Roberts, Basil Derity, Penny Howard, Kate Shorten

Service Times

  • Sunday 7h30 & 9h30 
  • Wednesday 9h30

Upcoming Events

  • Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday, 23rd May 2017, at 6.30pm
  • Ascension Day Service - Thursday, 25th May 2017, at 6:30pm

Recent Events